Maternity sewing plans

Everything is getting to the stage where it no longer fits. And because I signed up for the 2018 RTW fast that means I have to do some sewing, and quickly if I am going to keep my pledge.

Luckily the RTW options are helping my motivation as the clothes are expensive and not appealing to me. They are either overly trendy or frumpy or made out of horrendous material. This is also 2nd time round for me, and I kept a lot of the clothes from my first pregnancy so at least I don’t have to sew everything!

I haven’t been sewing much lately as it has been a combination of too hot, crazy busy at work and being tired. Well the weather is no longer a problem, work should get quieter from the end of next week and I am currently in between the tired stages of being pregnant.

The monthly stitch have also announced that the indie pattern month is going to be in October. This is a weekly sewing challenge that runs and you have to sew up an indie pattern each week. I have scoured the internet and found a lot of free indie patterns which I can use, and I am going to try to sew one a week in October and enter this challenge to keep my motivation up and get these things sewed so I can wear them. Fingers crossed the patterns I have found can fit into the different challenges!

So my plans are:

Maternity leggings from Patterns 4 pirates in plain black cotton spandex jersey.


The Peppermint cardigan x 2 in a grey jersey and a dark leopard jersey

The Peppermint pinafore in a black cord. Hopefully I can find one with irregular wales- I really like that look.

Some stretchy tops. I’m currently thinking of the Mandy boat tee or maybe the Uvita top? Materials to be various scraps of jersey I have lying around.

And then finally a pattern I have actually bought the I Am zebra sweatshirt. I bought this in a pack with the I Am lion one as well. I have a little bit of liberty sweatshirting which I could get the sleeves out of, so I think I will do that with a plain body.

Now none of these are actually maternity patterns. But I think if I grade up in the body (keeping the shoulders my actual size) and add a bit of length, these should work. The bonus being that next year I should be able to take in the sides and have wearable non maternity clothes. Except for the cardy I think that should need no alterations!


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