2019 Make Nine!


After some thought I decided that I would put together a make nine for this year, as a bit of external motivation always helps me actually do something!

Mostly I focussed on tops, as these can be a bit more flexible with the changing figure I expect to have this year. I also thought about what could be worn with jeans. #mumlife. I will mostly be in jeans and a top rather than anything fancy.

I have been reading the sew your kibbe  series by Doctor T designs. I’d not heard of Kibbe before, but it has been really interesting. Often I have felt style advice in magazines tries to push everyone to look the same whereas this advice is about enhancing your natural lines.

None of the types chimed with me until the last one –  Soft natural. Reading the pattern recommendations was like looking at the last time my wardrobe worked for me back in 2012. I tried to work the recommendations into my choices below. So here are my plans:

2019 Make nine

1. I AM patterns lion sweatshirt in a navy sweatshirt with liberty sweatshirting for the front. All materials are in the stash for this and I only have 1 or 2 medium weight tops in my wardrobe at the moment, so it is a definite gap.

2. Ohhhlulu Hyacinth bralette and the Celeste knickers. I am hoping that I have enough scraps left over from the leggings for this to be squeezed out of. From memory last time round, having a bralette to sleep in was a necessity. This should also be a gentle taster on the skills required to sew your own underwear. I have a sneaky suspicion that I will find sewing my own too tedious, but I am keen to try, as I see all the lovely examples other people post.  It will be interesting to see whether this swears me off it or tips me down a rabbit hole!

3. I AM patterns Zebra sweatshirt  Another sweatshirt in navy, but this time with different liberty fabric sleeves. Again, everything is in the stash already and this will help fill the wardrobe gap.

2019 Make nine

4. A waxed cotton jacket. Pattern still to be decided. There are plenty in the Burda magazines I own BUT is it too ambitious to sew something like that from Burda instructions? I am keen to make something that looks like this Barbour jacket . These jackets were half price after Christmas and I was tempted but the fit in the arms and shoulders was off.

5. This Burda top. I’m not sure what it actually would look like on me, but it has got me interested. I keep imagining it in a red velvet. We’ll see what fabric it actually gets made in as it requires stretch.

6. These Burda pants These will probably be made later in the year once my weight and shape has hopefully sorted itself out. I’m not sure of the colour or fabric I’ll make them in. I like the grey but I wonder if another colour would be a better fit in my wardrobe.

2019 Make nine

7. The Peppermint jumpsuit  altered so it buttons down the front. I’ve spotted some pink linen/cotton blend fabric I want to make it in. Not as practical as the other pieces but definitely my favourite of the 9 so it might be made sooner rather than later!

8. A boiled wool coat – pattern TBD. I thought I wanted it to have a shawl collar but when I drew it that way I didn’t like it. I guess that is a win already for the planning process? I have 3 metres of the wool already so I have plenty to play with.

9.The Peppermint cardy.   I’ve made this pattern before. I might shorten it up a little. I have both the pattern and the fabric in the stash already. Again filling that gap for medium weight tops.

So does anyone have any recommendations for a pattern for an anorak or boiled wool coat?

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